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Ruach Chayah Ministries
Global Alliance
The Ruach Chayah Ministries Alliance (RCMGA) is a missionary organization and apostolic network of churches, ministries and like-minded leaders. This organization is founded by Dr. Candace House and Dr. Anthony House in order to provide relationship, accountability, training and impartation for apostles, bishops, pastors and prophets around the globe.

RCMGA is designed to provide supportive strength to existing churches, plant churches, ministries, and leaders through relationship, mentorship, fellowship, networking, counsel, and support. Additionally, it is an alliance that centers on relational accountability, provides apostolic covering for those without it, and challenges the covenant churches, ministries, and leaders to discover their purpose, birth their God given vision, and fulfill their destiny.

RCMGA claims no ecclesiastical authority over its affiliates. It is established to empower those called to minister and has no intentions to bind any affiliated Church or ministry association.  We feel all affiliates should be free to exercise their callings. 

The RCMGA is an apostolic commissioning ministry. This means that we are called as a family of spiritual leaders to recognize, develop, nurture and release through prophetic confirmation and apostolic release, emerging leaders in their specified gift and calling. This is important as we are focused on national and international revival and reformation. Revival atmospheres are initiated by revival type leaders. Periods of reformation are led by leaders who carry the spirit of reformation. The key to any true lasting move of God is the leaders of that move and the RCGMA is a ministry to ministries and leaders.

* Spiritual Covering and Accountability
* Bible Seminary and School of Apostle and Prophets
* Equipping through empowerment conferences-crusades and network meetings that teach, mentor, activate and impart
* Leadership development and advancement
* Covenant relationships
* Ministry Ordination and Licensing
* Identification and validation of individual ministry gifts
* Resources to enhance ministerial skills and challenge you to walk in the God-given destiny for your life
* Humanitarian Efforts
* Economic Development